Hoya: Visureal Master
Hoya's David Evans with the VisuReal Master centring system

Hoya: Visureal Master

September 3, 2019 Lesley Springall

Looking as if it was merely a decorative wall-hanging, Hoya’s attractive, new Visureal Master mirror centring system technology employs a six-camera set-up that automatically takes multiple photographs of patients to provide more accurate centring data.

It intuitively matches up your frame and your pupil, and automatically sends the data to an iPad or tablet for the dispenser to complete the calculations and process the order, said Hoya’s David Evans. “It replaces the old tower units. It’s a lot quicker, is easy to use, requires no jigs to be mounted on the frame, is a lot more aesthetically pleasing and takes up no floor space at all.”

Also new and on display, were Hoya’s new Sync III enhanced single vision lenses, designed to relieve digital eye strain, and the company’s new and improved LifeStyle 3 progressive lenses.

According to Hoya’s product material, Sync III lenses have a “boost zone” at the bottom of the lens, which slightly increases the lens power to support and relax the eye muscles, so the eyes can focus more easily, relieving eye strain. While Lifestyle 3 comes in three design variations for different vision requirements, all with Hoya’s binocular harmonisation technology for more precise focusing.